For agencies with an experienced benefits staff, we offer direct access to our exclusive ancillary platform.

Enhance your benefits strategy.

We bring consultative expertise and exclusive tools that help you round out accounts and bring added value to your clients.

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We do the legwork for you.

  • Quoting: We compare the marketplace and recommend the best solutions for you, including product, technology, and enrollment support.
  • Sales support: We provide resources and sales expertise to help you grow your business.
  • Service support: We offer implementation, account service, and support to remove administrative burden for your agency.
  • Incentives: We'll pay you commission on a monthly basis!

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Proprietary Programs

  • Sales materials: 'Pipeline Playbook' brings strategies, opportunity mining templates, and case studies to help you sell our proprietary offerings.
  • Exclusive products: 10% program offers premium discounts and rate guarantees.
  • Block management: helps you discover ways to cross-sell new lines of business to your current book using Keystone's core carriers. 

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Value Adds

  • Compliance: We can provide routine updates to your producers and clients on compliance issues affecting the marketplace.
  • HR support: Have a compliance or staffing issue? We offer a toll-free hotline to HR specialists including legal counsel.
  • Benchmarking: Compare a client's benefits plan to the marketplace to determine ways to contain costs.
  • Software discounts: Discount on compare/price/quoting software for your agency, using our preferred CPQ vendor.

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